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Solutions for Advertisers

Looking to start an affiliate marketing program with 5Gbet?

Find out more if you:

  • Have a transactional website that offers a product or a service
  • Want to dedicate marketing spend to driving guaranteed sales
  • Want to build online partnerships

Solutions for Publishers

Looking to create partnerships and promote brand products?

5Gbet's platform could help if you:

  • Can promote links and recommendations to an engaged audience base
  • Want to earn commission through partnerships

Solutions for Agencies

Looking to start or scale your client's affiliate program?

Contact our agency team if you:

  • Have clients you manage affiliate and partner marketing activities for
  • Build online partnerships for your and your clients' businesses
  • Want to achieve your and your clients' marketing goals with 5Gbet's platform

Sectors we work with

5Gbet works with thousands of businesses across different sectors to help grow their brands through affiliate partnerships.
Find out how they've seen success with 5Gbet's platform.

Retail & Shopping

Covering a wide range of online stores including DTC, department stores, fashion, beauty and technology.


From favorite brick-and-mortar brands to online-only retailers, our fashion vertical is extensive.


Everything from hotels and flights to day trips, tickets, excursions and experiences.

Finance & Insurance

A range of financial services including banking, credit cards, insurance products and loans.

Telco & Services

Covering telecoms and broadband services, cellphone providers, ticketing and many more.


Choose the 5Gbet plan that's right for your business

Whether you're a small business ready to launch an affiliate marketing program and reach new customers or a global enterprise looking to enhance your online marketing, we have a plan for every unique need.

Explore 5Gbet plans and service packages

5Gbet Access

5Gbet Access gives you everything you need to launch a simple and cost-efficient, self-managed program without the hassle of a long-term contract.

$50 per month + tracking fee ($549 joining fee)

You choose the commission to pay your affiliate partners as a percentage of the transaction value. The 5Gbet tracking fee is an additional 2.5% of the transaction value.

For example, if you wish to pay 6% of the transaction value to your affiliate partners and the transaction was $100, $6 would go to the affiliate partner and $2.50 to 5Gbet.

Please note – if you operate a business within finance or telecommunications where no transaction value exists, alternative rates will be shared.

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5Gbet Accelerate

5Gbet Accelerate gives you additional features to run a sophisticated program, with added automation to save you time on everyday affiliate tasks.

5Gbet Advanced

5Gbet Advanced gives you everything you need to run a data-driven program, with custom built reporting for comprehensive results and sophisticated optimization.


Partner with us

We understand that every type of publisher is unique, and we believe in providing tailored solutions to help you maximize your earnings. Whether you're a content creator, editorial powerhouse, technology partner, or fall into another category, we have the tools to support your affiliate marketing success.

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5Gbet news

Stay up to date with 5Gbet's latest news, events and announcements


Empower your clients with our affiliate marketing solution for agencies

With a range of tools and resources at your disposal, our agency team ensures seamless onboarding and quick scaling of your clients' affiliate programs, leveraging robust data to benchmark performance and explore new partnerships.

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5Gbet Insights

Discover the latest trends and analysis from the online industry and 5Gbet

Introducing 5Gbet’s Power 100

An industry first, the 5Gbet Report 2023: Power 100 profiles some of the most-exciting partnerships on our global platform across every market and sector. Collectively generating $4.5bn in revenue and 53m sales for their advertisers in 2021 alone, let the #Power100 inspire, inform, challenge and amplify your own partner marketing efforts.
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